SCRUM: our main methodology

Scrum is an agile project management methodology for software development.

Scrum assumes that it is hard to understand or set up a software development in its entirety, so SCRUM focuses on improving the team's ability to deliver products quickly and to respond to the demands that arise during the process. This method also emphasizes on self-directed teams, directing the development independently.


  • 1Maintain a list of work items - Product Backlog.
  • 2Completion of a fixed dose of reserve items in a series of short iterations sprints.
  • 3The duration of each Sprint is based on the nature and structure of the project.
  • 4Task sprint divided into small portions (30 minutes to two hours).
  • 5Transparency - any time you may see what you remote programmer is currently work on
  • 6Efficient usage of task manager by the programmer, to speed up the process